Manually processing thousands of documents sounds like fun!

- said no one ever.

Let our AI solutions do the heavy lifting for you.

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Our Expertise

We help companies make sense of the latest technologies and build high-quality, privacy-focused AI solutions to automate business processes and leverage the data.

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Our Technology

Our technology automates complex workflows for faster, more accurate operations while ensuring data privacy and security. Seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, it allows for a smooth transition without disrupting daily tasks. With our advanced data mapping and extraction capabilities, accessing and managing information becomes effortless and precise.

Custom Solutions for Every Need

Enhanced CRM management with Voice Parser

Our Voice Parser captures and transcribes voice notes and call recordings in real-time, automatically entering key information into your CRM. This reduces manual work by 80%, ensuring accurate, complete data and lets the sales team focus on higher-value activities.

Automating applicants screening and engagement

REFLEKT LAB streamlines applications screening and maintenance for temporary workers agency by integrating with ATS and automating data extraction. With an intuitive interface, advanced search capabilities, and SMS notifications, our solution speeds up placements while ensuring data privacy.

Contract compliance automation

Our solution automates contract compliance checks using advanced algorithms and an intuitive interface, reducing errors and delays. This speeds up deal closures, cuts costs, and reduces legal risks.

Lead generation and outreach automation

Our solution significantly improves conversion rates by leveraging AI to automate lead generation and outreach processes. By integrating multiple sales platforms and databases with the company's CRM, we reduce manual efforts by 50%, enhance data quality, and personalize outreach, leading to higher engagement and lower customer acquisition costs.

Corporate AI assistant

REFLEKT LAB AI assistant for an accounting services company helped their sales team provide accurate, real-time responses to technical financial questions. This solution bridges the knowledge gap, reduces response times, and improves efficiency, resulting in higher client satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

Here could be your case

We are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to help businesses grow. Contact us to discover how generative AI can transform your business and drive growth.

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